Saturday, June 5, 2010

Claire Beadon Carnell - Thief!

Artist: Claire Beadon Carnell
Medium: Oil
Size: 6"x6"

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Angela said...

I like the title.Nice work. Who would have thought to have added a blackbird. You did great at being able to add a bird while keeping the strawberry the focal point. The strawberry is nice. The only suggestion I have is the center of the strawberry looks a little flat. Maybe a few seeds in this area might help. The shadow of the berry works well to anchor the berry.

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Thanks, Angela. For some reason my photograph lost some of the texture...not a good thing! The black bird idea was a natural for me - they are even trying to get under the netting I put over my strawberries to protect them from predators!

Byannick said...

These little thiefs are numerous and they succeed to eat my cherries thru the net!

Suggestion add some shapes to the bark . As it is, seems to be a round table edge.

Nice title, nice idea to add a bird. It is well bind with the strawberry.

Nancie Johnson said...

Claire - adding the bird, how wonderful. And your title is perfect! I love this one!

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Thanks, everyone. Byannick - I see what you mean! Totally missed that.

Sheila Estep said...

Very creative and put a smile on my face! Nice work!

Lela Stankovic said...

This is a brilliant and extremely creative composition. I love when I see a painting telling a convincing story and this one simply shines with an original creativity. The choice of the bird (thief) is very appropriate, black, no name, no details, no recognizable evidence left. A viewer is forced to become an unintentional witness caught at the crime scene, inevitably involved and engaged to act NOW and make decisions. Should I walk away and forget about it? Should I report it? Yes I am curious to see what will happen next too. Should I take matters in my hands? There is a lot of self questioning and a strong mind-grabbing story develops rapidly.
On a side of possible improvements I would like to see a little more details and contrast on the strawberry and possibly wood bark. As you mentioned I am positive the photo does not do justice to the real painting.

Anonymous said...

I think what I see is the shadow of the black bird not the bird itself. Makes the painting even more full of intrigue!

Choosing black as the color of the bird was a masterstroke. The thief is black!