Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nicole Horn-Fakher - Lake Aquitaine

Nicole Horn-Fakher
Medium: Oil on board
Size: 12cm x 18cm
Artist's blog: http://nicolehf.blogspot.comm/


Lela Stankovic said...

This painting, executed so far, looks like a perfect uderpainting. Major color masses are perfectly blocked, no details (they are not needed at this stage). Painting is left to dry and then the final layer can be executed.It will have more details and higher contrast in the focal point areas. Nicole is this the stage your painting is at the moment?

Angela Sullivan said...

Nicole I agree with Lela. This looks a little unfinished to me. I like the colors used I especially like the building against the blues and greens. I do think it needs some sharp focus areas to draw attention. Glad you entered can't wait to see more of your work.

Nicole Horn-Fakher said...

Mmh, underpainting? It makes me laugh, no it's finished. I thought. But I know what you both mean, maybe I can give more details to the foreground and to give some more contrast.
(I always have a lot of fight with the colour green.) I am trying to paint less exact and wanted to reach a blurry feeling. But I will go back to canvas. Thanks for your comment.

Lela Stankovic said...

Today I was showing your painting to my friend artist whose oppinion I prize extremely high. I was commenting that to me your painting looks unfinished. She strongly disagreed. "No it is not. It is meant to be soft with undefined edges to communicate special atmosphere and unique feelings. It evokes such a nice tender feelings and make you dream. Have you seen Monet's paintings? A lot of them are like that. I like this one the most". I thought ... you definitely need to hear this. It proves my strong opinion that each artist should hear opinions but stay true to herself and her own "guiding star".

Nan Johnson said...

I also love the soft look on this. And yes, Monet's work (especially his later work as he was losing his sight) have the soft edges, which is one of the things that draws me to them. So many of us artists get caught up in the details (myself included!) that we forget that a message can be made without them! Nice work.

Byannick said...

Soft painting all over.

Perhaps it is why we tend to say Unfinished. I like the blurr feeling. but my eyes are looking to stop somewhere.

Perhaps just a hard edge near the building can help?

Nicole Horn-Fakher said...

Hi Lela,
it's both I think. On the one hand the soft undefined parts but you are right also, gess in the front some details, some more contrast would look good. The photo I took wasn't the best one too (think on my blog it's little bit better), the original has got some more contrast. But it's good to hear different views on the way.

Hi Nancie,
thanks for your comment. Getting lost in details, yes, I know about very well - haha - and it can make a painting look torpid. I admire people who can paint with only a few strokes. Long way ...

Hi Byannick,
I will think about the edge. A hard edge on the building could bring a difference to the reflection. Maybe I try to add. Thanks for your comment.

Paula said...

I paint too many details so my first reaction was that this was incomplete. The basis is there but the details are missing.

But after reading the other comments I must say that sure, I can see your blurring technique was successful. If that's what you were going for congrats, success!

(But I still would love to see more details on this. Some habits are hard to break!)