Friday, April 16, 2010

Angela Sullivan

Artist: Angela Sullivan
Medium:Acrylic on panel board
Size: 11" x 14"
Artist's blog:


Anonymous said...

Very nice painting, nice colors - glass is wonderful!! Lots of sparkle.

Horst said...

Very well done, painterly colors and execution

Lela Stankovic said...

Having in mind that this blog was created to help fellow artists to improve their painting skills and get an honest and supportive feedback I will start doing just that and invite others to follow. If we do not know what could be improved, there is no way to improve it. As artists we need to learn to appreciate a friendly and supportive feedback and grow with each of them.

Well done:1)Glass really looks like glass,transparent and sparkling 2)Well identified almost all light and shadow areas 3)Creatively improved background compared to the reference photo adding higher contrast and value range to the painting

Area for improvement:1) Position, shape and edges of the shadow areas following single light source and surrounding objects and surfaces 2)Texture, color and transparency of the nectarines and pearls

Angela said...

Thanks for the honest feedbac. I will certainly benefit and apply this info to future paintings. I will rework this painting and hope to show improvement. Please don't hold back. Any suggestions will only make me better and better is what I want to be.

Ben Liberto said...

Hi Angela, I love the choice of your colors. There is something in your painting which communicates a lot of optimism and joy.

btw, just my 2 cents - instead of reworking this painting, perhaps you should focus on your next paintings - and incorporate things you learn now, in those new paintings.

I feel that once a painting is done it should be left alone, generally speaking... There are so many more paintings you will paint and we would love to see more new paintings from you!

SYLVIANE said...

Angela, I like your red nuance, and I have to thank you, for your helping me;my painting was finished(I thought it was) when I saw yours, and I felt ashamed by my rough glass, so I struggled on it and obtained something quite good!