Sunday, April 11, 2010

Challenge Two- Nectarines & Champagne

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Here is another exciting Sunday! Why is it exciting? Because today we have a new painting challenge posted - to be painted in the next 3 weeks.

I am really happy and impressed by the number of fellow artists who joined, painted the first painting challenge or promised to paint the next one. One of the most common feedbacks from all participants was "I love this challenge because of the great comments and feedbacks from everyone." Feedback full of support, as well as carefully worded suggestions about "areas for improvement" is why this blog exists.

The fact that all really liked the chosen photo reference for the first painting challenge is very important and motivational for me. With that in mind and keeping my promise that "things will get more complex" I have chosen the new composition.

About the composition

We see bright, fresh nectarines sunbathing behind vertical blinds on my window. The colors are chosen to be warm. The fruits, the background and even the wine in the crystal glass - all speak about a bright and sunny day calling for a few refreshing fruits and a glass of wine.

A few blue and purple glass pearls break that red-orange-yellow monotony and definitely lead the viewer into the picture.

Vertical blind's shadows introduce drama on the stage and clearly "speak" about a non visible window on the left side. The reflection of the crystal glass on the right wall gives such stunning shadow shapes tending to lead the eye out of the painting. But there is a catch ! Notice the dark shadow at the top - This returns the viewer's eyes back into the picture.

The last "treat" is a strong almost vertical shadow falling from the top on the left side filling that space. This compliments the tall crystal glass which is clearly the focal point of the composition. A lot of movement around, and a pleasant story is what this composition is talking about.

Now, I would like you to see all of this. While you are planning and executing your painting, imagine yourself sitting in an air conditioned vacation resort with a glass of wine in your hands enjoying bright sunny day outside.

There is no rule which says that everything should be painted. You are welcome to make your own composition from this reference. If you do not want to paint glass, take it out. If you would like to paint only one nectarine go for it. Variety is there and anyone can choose what they feel comfortable with.

It is an ambitious project no question about it, but that adds sparkle to the artist's creativity. Let's have fun painting it! ... Did someone mention water drops?

Please send photo of your painting the latest by May 1st. The next painting reference will be posted on Sunday May 2nd.

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SYLVIANE said...

Lela, your comments for your picture are so intructive, I was reading them several times- well, my english is so and so-I like your description of the composition, I've learned a lot!Thank you, Lela!