Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sylviane Le Cann

Artist: Sylviane Le Cann
Medium:Oil on canvas paper
Size: 8" x 10"
Artist's blog:


Jasmine said...

Hi Sylviane, your glass sparkles so much!

Lela Stankovic said...

The very first impression was “WAO such a beautiful vibrant colors”, glass really looks like glass full of liquid and glass pearls just stand out as transparent, three dimensional and sparkling. Even without reading I knew it was done in oil. Only oil can give such a rich luminosity and soft color transition.

Then came the second impression – my eyes went right away to the big vibrant green cast shadow of the left nectarine. Then I noticed long green shadow across the left nectarine as well. I was wondering why green. Then I looked at other shadows and although shape and position was just right, color, vibrancy, & edges appeared too vibrant and sharp.

Shadows are usually duller darker version of the object they fall on influenced by the colors and shapes of surrounding environment. Shadow edge is determined by the nature of the light source and angle the light is falling. Notice tall cast shadow on the wall has very soft diffused edges – light does not fall under 90 degrees. The same is the case with top shadow above the glass. However glass pearls, nectarines and glass have strong sunlight falling under close to 90 degrees and their cast shadow edges are sharp and high in contrast compared to the surrounding environment. Whenever you paint keep asking yourself “Where is my light source and how strong is it? What is the color? What is the value? How dull or vibrant is it? How hard or soft my edges should be?” A great book explaining all this in a very “readable” manner is “The Oil Painting Course You've Always Wanted” by Kathleen Staiger. I hope this comment will help when you paint your next shadows.

Angela Sullivan said...

I do agree with the comment by Lela. I love those peaches. Beautiful vibrant play of colors. I do like the color choice of the walls yet the dark shadow coming down the back wall is a little strong. Hope this helps. Lets get better together.

SYLVIANE said...

Thank you for the valuable critiques on my shadows;I have to work!