Friday, June 18, 2010

Angela Sullivan - On the Edge of City Life

Artist: Angela Sullivan
Medium: Acrylics on panel board
Size: 10" x 12"
Artist's blog:


Horst said...

Very well done, powerful image and colors, and you did a great job on the water, so reflective and wet looking.

Anonymous said...

As Horst said - "powerful image".

The shimmering water, the building on the edge with the afternoon sun on it - the colors chosen are such that they take you back in time and wonder about the people who lived there. Very nice Angela.

The Parent Trapped said...

This is a great rendition of the photograph. The water is so wet and juicy. How do you do that? My water is all dry and shadows. I think this painting makes me think that there is a tween adventure just waiting to happen here! And the cattail detail is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Love your interpretation. Knowing what to leave in and what to take out is an art in itself, and you've obviously mastered it. I really envy that. Great feeling to this painting.

Lela Stankovic said...

Angela there is a great technical knowledge in the way this painting is executed.I am impressed. If I put my non-artist hat and look at it I love the title, color harmony, the way composition is planned and executed.Beautiful impressionist style.

If I look at it as an artist, there is a lot to admire. The horizon line is close to golden mean, 3/8 from the top and 5/8 from the bottom. Focal point (building) is off center and again around golden intersection. You perfectly painted light and shadow sides of the building and then darker and grayer reflections as they always are. Wind marks on the water surface clearly scream "this is water" not solid land. And adding that water grass pointing towards focal area is much needed.

If I try very hard and search to find any area for improvement that will be building reflection prospective. The composition is planned in "2 vanishing points perspective" which is perfect, but reflections do not follow the same vanishing points as building.The directions of the parallel building lines and building reflection lines does not converge to the same point on the horizon line (vanishing points). In addition the length of the reflection for buildings appears longer that building by itself - all measured from water surface line. I hope this will help when you paint your next water reflection.

Nicole said...

Hi Angela,
I like your interpretation a lot. You have a good feeling for the chosen colours and the atmosphere. The building got an unique character to me, seems to be in move. Nice job.

Nancie Johnson said...

What a great composition you have here, I love this rendition. It's all about the buildings in this painting, that is for certain. Love the reflections & how you handled the water. Nice touch with the foreground cattail. It was interesting to read (& learn) from Lela regarding the vanishing points on the reflections. Overall, a very nice piece of work.

Byannick said...

Great water.

I second Lela on teh reflections. But I like the buiding characters and rendering (light and color variations)

Sandy said...

wow, those reflections..