Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nancie Johnson - Lake Aquitaine

Artist: Nancie Johnson
Medium: Acrylic on canvas sheet
Size: 11"x5.5"
Artist's blog: http://nancies-art.blogspot.com/


Horst said...

Nice colors and format, you paid a lot attention to the reflection, well done and the water looks liquid, great job Nancie.

Byannick said...

I second Horst ;)
You can add some light on the top of the buildings to increase the afternoon feeling

Well done

Nancie Johnson said...

Thank you Horst & Byannick for your kind comments. I agree Byannick, to put some light at the top of the buildings. The image is still on my easel and I will add that in, thanks for pointing it out. That might be the bit of extra pop I was looking for!

Chandni said...

This is a beautiful painting. I especially like the reflections and the fact that you cropped the top and bottom and painted it in panorama mode. The mix of greens, reds and yellows in your mass of trees makes the painting visually interesting. I also like your clouds and sky- together they create depth in the painting. Great work!

Paula; The Parent Trapped said...

It looks like a mixed green salad with all of those deep reds and greens. I want to eat it!