Sunday, June 27, 2010

Radha Krishnan

Artist: Radha Krishnan
Medium:Watercolor on Paper
Size: 11" x 15"
Artist's blog:


Angela said...

Radha, Wow! what lovely colors you chose. The reds and greens together are nice. I love your castle , entry way or whatever it is. Your foreground tree is good. Now what I see for improvement is you have no red or vibrant green reflections in the water. Your grass in the foreground looks like it is only at the edge of water. Thanks for allowing me to view and comment on your lovely art. Hope to see more in the future.

Angela said...

Sorry I forgot to add something else. Your tree tops are a little pointed like the roofs of the buildings making them look kinda like triangles. This is a little distracting to me. Just to be clear I do like this painting a lot.

Radha Krishnan said...

Thanks for the valuable inputs Angela. I will definitely keep these points in mind. To be very frank, i had never observed that the tree tops have turned out to be triangular...but now that u have pointed it out , it is certainly distracting to me as well....Thanks for the inputs once again.

SYLVIANE said...

It's a very funny painting!

Nicole said...

Hi Radha,
yes, to me it's a funny (and interesting) interpretation also. I had the feeling there are two worlds in the painting. The upper part apears a little brittle and the lower more coloured part very invitingly. Only thing, as mentioned before is, I miss to see the coloured reflection from the trees on the lake.

Radha Krishnan said...

could you elaborate on what exactly you mean by "funny panting"??

Lauren Thompson said...

I guess what Sylvania meant is that its a very beautiful painting..perhaps with a nice humourous side to it.. the conical towers take you into the worlds gone by - of castles and court jesters who used to wear conical caps.

Nancie Johnson said...

I like this, it has a sort of whimsical feel to it - no doubt due to the shape of the buildings. But that is only because these types of buildings are not common where I live, so they take me to a different world. But I also like the colors used & the lines drawn. I do agree that the lake needs the color reflections of those wonderful shoreline trees, but I would touch nothing else.

Byannick said...

Nice castle.

You can add some red in the reflections.

You can also make more variations in the grass in the foreground. seems too static.

Godd renderng.