Monday, October 11, 2010

Challenge 10 -Lemons & Flower

About the photo reference

Here is another amazing play of light, shadows and reflections. There are too many to list, all caused by the single upper left sunlight coming through the window.

"As is" the photo reference looks a little busy. Consequently, your task in this challenge is to slightly simplify (probably background), and introduce mystery and desired emotions. The pot is made of arcopal, slightly transparent and milk white in color.

Please send a photo of your painting the latest by October 30. The next painting reference will be posted on Sunday October 31.


Elena Malec said...

your still life photography it's an art in itself, Lela and even if it's irresistible to me I am aware i will never could render the full beauty of your subjects.Thank you so much for the high quality of these reference photos.

sidmar said...

Lela ,lovely still life photo .