Sunday, October 31, 2010

Challenge 11 - Pomegranate

At the end of each painting challenge I always feel very happy and excited. I am amazed how many artists stayed focused and dedicated their time to paint once again the last challenge at PADT. At the same time I almost can not wait to show the next painting challenge, which I am always hoping would be even more exciting to paint than the previous one.

One of the goals for our forum is also to learn from everyones' constructive feedbacks about our works. Of course, the variety of media and interpretations makes it increasingly difficult to comment and point out any areas for improvement.

It is very motivational and inspiring to see a comment on what is well done and we must support each other in our artistic journey. In any feedback we do well to highlight the best aspects of the artwork and what has appealed to us most. However, one of the "secret missions" PADT has is to help each other to grow and improve by pointing out areas for improvement as well. Hence I would like to ask for everyone's help in providing that part of the feedback as well. Think of "edges, lighting, mood, color harmony, aerial perspective, composition, ..." - all what makes or breaks the painting.

About the photo reference

Apart from the fact that it is one of the healthiest fruits on earth, the pomegranate has been very frequently found in still life paintings though the centuries. There is a very special gracious beauty in this fruit that cannot leave any artistic soul disinterested.

The fruit has been intentionally placed at the "eye level" which is an inspiring painting perspective. The light source is day light coming from the top left side, and there is reflected light on the right side as well. The composition speaks for itself and does not need any explanation. It is simple and beautiful. I hope you will enjoy painting it.

Please send a photo of your painting the latest by November 20. The next painting reference will be posted on Sunday November 21.


Debbie Turner Chavers said...

Lela,your photos are ART! Beautiful!

Jenni said...

Great photo. Quite a challenge. To me, it's crying out to be painted (drawn) in coloured pencil. I think that's the medium I will use, but I doubt I will get it finished in the allotted time. However, I'm eager to have ago, even if I have to post it as work in progress.

Nan Johnson said...

This reference photo is luscious! Thank you Lela for your wonderful references!

Millie Nguyen said...

I love pomegranate and always want to paint one and have not got around to do it. Your beautiful photo now motivates me...But I will go out of town today so do not know when I will start. However, the excitement is already here :8D