Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ivonne Bess - Lemons & Flower

Ivonne Bess
Medium: Acrylic on corrugated cardboard
Size: 11"x 14"
Artist's blog:


Nancie Johnson said...

Oh that rich red & purple shadow, really grabs my eye in this. Your lemons are good, I would add a bit more highlight on them so it stands out a bit more. Painted on corrugated cardboard! Wow, I could not imagine working on such a "canvas" - it must have been difficult. Was it very absorbent with the paints?

I.M. said...

Nancie, I haven't painted in a long time, and didn't have many supplies on hand. I figured I was going to do this as practice, so I grabbed a box from the garage and cut it up. It was absorbent, but the paints I had were on their way out anyway (about 10 years old, ha!). I may refine my drawing surface for the next challenge... or not! LOL Thank you for your input.

Nancie Johnson said...

I always say, whatever it takes to do art! Back when I was young, I remember doing a painting on a left over piece of ceiling tile with house paint and makeup! LOL

Debbie said...

The lemon by the flower is perfect. I too like the red shadow! Cardboard ,Wow.

I.M. said...

Thanks Debbie, I'm trying.