Sunday, November 7, 2010

Marie Emmanuelle - Pomegranate

Marie Emmanuelle
Medium: Watercolor and pencil on paper
Size: 15 cm x 10 cm
Artist's blog:


Jerry Young said...

This is such a good example of freshness in a painting - achievable only by watercolor. Very beautiful Marie, congratulations!

Angela said...

Marie, I love this... It is so fun and fresh. The areas I see for change is that your background does not meet the fruit or table. The table line needs to be straight and it probly is I feel it is just off because of camera angle. I really did enjoy viewing your art and as I said before I LOVE IT!

The Desert Girl said...

What a different take of the same picture! This is a good, loose interpretation of the fruit. I love the use of colors.

Nancie Johnson said...

What a great rendition of this picture! The only thing I saw to comment on was the slant on the table line, which is probably the camera angle. Really wonderful painting.