Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yasha Sharma - Pomegranate

Artist: Yasha Sharma
Medium:Acrylic on canvas
Size: 10"x8"
Artist's blog:


Angela said...

Yasha, Nice, Very nice. I love your pulp and seeds. I am amazed at how well everyone has done with the seeds which I would have thought to be the most difficult part. I love your twisted peel and especially the part coming directly off the fruit. I love the base of the fruit and the touch of highlight on the right side. I think your peeling touching the table is a little washed out it looks like to me that you may have used a little to much white to lighten. Try yellow or a touch of blue instead of so much white. Anyway over all I love this. The background works well and is such a nice color. Can't wait to see your entry next month.

The Desert Girl said...

I've seen the new photo of your painting and this one doesn't do it justice! Your skin is great, as is the shadows. Great depth!

yasha said...

Thanks Angela for your valuable suggestions will definitely keep this in mind.
Paula thank you so much for your input.

Nancie Johnson said...

Very interesting blue/green in your background. It's a lovely color/shade. The twisted peel was done very well, as is the peel & seeds. Angela gave you lots of good comments on things you can try/change. Overall, I have to say I like this one as is!

Debbie said...

Nice job. The only thing I can see is that the color of the cap part of the peel doesn't quite match the skin of the pomegranate. But that could just be the photo.