Sunday, November 14, 2010

Xela Christopher - Pomegranate

Xela Christopher
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 10" x 8"


Angela said...

Xela, I like... The seeds and pulp are nice. I really like the seeds in the twisted peel. The composition is good except is a little close to the left edge. It looks like a little camera glare. I like the shape of your fruit. The roundness is right. I would like to see a little more contrast in the fruit body itself. Maybe some yellows or deeper reds for variation. The twisted peel is nice. I just think stronger lights and darks would add more life but it is really nice like it is. Will look for your post next month.

The Desert Girl said...

It seems like this painting may be suffering from camera glare. The right side is faded as are the colors which I'm sure in the original version are bright and luscious. Maybe try another shot? Until then it's a good painting, but could be great!

Nancie Johnson said...

Your rendering is very good, nicely drawn. Composition is a bit to the left - moved right would balance it better. I agree with the comment of more darks & lights to give it more depth. Lovely shade of red you achieved in this.

Debbie said...

Did you use your flash when you took your photo? I usually turn mine off and the colors are truer and no glare. Nice work.