Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cheryl Andrews

Artist: Cheryl Andrews
Size: 12 x 12
Medium & Support: Acrylic on Canvas

Paragraph 1 for Picture 1.  First I do a basic drawing on Canvas, marking some of the darkest shadows.
Paragraph 2 for Picture 2. I then under paint the whole canvas.
Paragraph 3 for Picture 3. I keep adding more color and some details
Paragraph 4 for Picture 4. This is when I start focusing on adding shadows and highlights.
Paragraph 5 for Picture 5. More highlights, shadows and details.

As for the final painting, I am not totally unhappy with it, as I am still new to this, and don't really have a style yet, or know proper techniques. However I do feel I need to work on the reflection, and the lily feels a little muddy to me.


Paula said...

Your painting feels very fluid and light although you're using acrylics. Very well done.

Shirley Bond said...

I thought the lily was lovely and makes a great painting. Shirley Bond