Friday, January 9, 2015

Paula Reynolds

Photo 1:  This is my original drawing, done freehand using a printed copy of the assigned image.  I used a 2H pencil on acrylic paper.
Photo 2:  First I painted the background, not being too careful about going over drawn lines
Photo 3:  Then I added the base color for the leaves.   As I'm slowly transitioning from using craft paint (Ceramcoat) to a more professional paint (Soho), I had difficulty with the difference in paint thickness.  (Here in the Bahamas, everything dries almost instantly, so the Soho was like painting with toothpaste.)
Photo 4:  I always try to paint background to foreground so I don't have to mind the lines so much.  I had to do 3-4 coats of paint, some thick and some more like a wash, before achieving the desired color.  While a few petals were drying, I would do the base coats on others.

Photo 5:  This is the finished project after adding details.  I usually add shadows at the end with a wash so the color can still be seen through the shadow.  I used a wash for the veins, shadows, highlights, and lowlights.  

Overall, I am pleased with the result.  I tend to paint very rigidly, holding tightly to the lines and blending away brush strokes, going for a realistic look.  Funny, considering my favorite art is impressionistic in nature.  I just have trouble letting go......

Artist: Paula Reynolds
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Shirley Bond said...

A great painting and also a very good description of your process. Thank you

Word Weaver Art said...

Very beautiful.
It is funny how we often love one style then paint in another. Embrace your own style. It's lovely.