Monday, January 5, 2015


- I started with painting wet in wet with the pink and roughly giving shape and color to the flower with its yellow stems, leaving part of the flower white.

-Now I added some more color to define the other areas, keeping everything quite light. At this point I also wanted to try the plastic wrap technique, so I pressed the plastic to the green areas while still wet to create some patterns on the leaves.

- Working with the background, i.e. the water. The negative painting is used to determine the shape of the waterlily. I also played with some splashes on the leaves.

- Final shadows to define the shape of the waterlily. I also deepened some other colors, especiall the water, wanting to create more contrast and interest.

- To start I did a few sketches and then a couple of paintings. My way of painting is quite free and emotional. Unfortnately even if the photo is beautiful, I'm not too happy with the painting, as I feel that I wasn't able to 'make it mine' and capture some emotion in the painting!


Olivia Martin said...

Hi Sabine, I personally think that your painting is very very appealing and beautiful. Actually the first steps itself you chose so soft and lovely palette. In that step itself your painting looks complete :)

I love your style as much as I love the other paintings in this challenge.

I don't think you need to worry about doing the photograph reference justice since the photograph is there to serve as an inspiration not to serve as a goal to reach for and copy.

And thanks specially for sharing the process. I know that it takes good effort to photograph your painting as it progresses since it is so easy to get lost in the work of creation and forget. I really enjoyed reading through the processes used by different artists. Very illuminating and very instructional.

Painting in Tuscany said...

Dear Olivia, thank you for your sweet words. As you also said, I often prefer my watercolors on an early stage, where you just catch an idea of the image.
Sharing the painting with others is a great occasion, and it's wonderful to see all the different styles, all so beautiful!

Paula said...

I appreciate the emotion you put into your art. I struggle with that myself. The light feeling of the painting is calming.

Valérie M. said...

This is really wonderful, I like the result, and the fact you begin in very wet paper... this give a really soft look to your painting...
A nice approach thank you for sharing your process.