Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nicole Horn-Fakher - "Forgotten figs"

Nicole Horn-Fakher
Medium: Oil on board
Size: 6" x 6"
Artist's blog: http://nicolehf.blogspot.comm/


Paula said...

I think there may be some camera glare making it a bit hard to appreciate the details of this painting. I love the colors and the execution, though. The tops of the figs seem very realistic and the wood is so warm and deep.

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I love the way the figs are nestled in the darkness - very successful!

Nan Johnson said...

I like your dark background, I believe I can see a dark blue in it. The figs are almost blended in with the background a bit - which fits perfect with the title, Forgotten Figs. Nice work.

Nicole Horn-Fakher said...

Thank you very much for your comments! Yes it's right, there is some glare because the paint was still wet - and I was late with posting ;-). I also like the dark background - used it for the first time - and yes, with blue in it (I always try to mix black with anbother colour to make it more vivid).