Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tilen Ti

Artist: Tilen Ti
Medium: Oil on bord
Size:6" x 6"
Artist's blog:


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

This is so lively and fresh - the texture on the fig is great!

Tilen's artplanet said...

tx Claire! just love the texture created with palette knife

Byannick said...

Nice work _ Texture and colors.
My only remark would be to get the fig read as a fig and not as a Sci-Fi artefact. :) But perhaps this is just because I just read a Sci-Fi novel and the fact that background blue and Fig blue are too close.

Pat Koscienski said...

Love the palette knife work, Tilen. Maybe a little of the table color that you used in the fig could also have been used in the background. And, you do have me wondering what happened to the other 2 figs.

Angela said...

Hi Tilen, Wow I love this. I love the blue and do not think it is to simular to the background at all. I am fond of how there seems to be juicy flakes of paint making the fig so pleasing to my eye.
I think that the left edge of the fig would read better if the strokes were down instead of across however I think it is beautiful as it is.
I can't quite tell if the fig is sitting at the edge fo the table or if there is no edge. I think this would read better if it had a definite edge. Oh! one more thing it needs a name. I can't wait to see what it will be.

Tilen's artplanet said...

Thanks for the comments, first time painting still life, quite a challenge for me.
Byannick is right, the texture of fig is a bit too busy.
name? "Waiting", what do you think?

Paula said...

I love the palette knife application to this fig. It is a tad busy and kind of looks like an onion, but the texture and pop are really scrumptious.

Angela said...

I think Waiting is quite nice for a name.

Nancie Johnson said...

Lovely painting - I like the palette knife effect also. I think Waiting is a good name for this.