Monday, May 3, 2010

Challenge 3 - Tulip Portrait

I am very proud of each and every of you who painted the last challenge. It was a real challenge in terms of complexity and amount of work it required to invest. Everyone made a great work of art and we had numerous pleasant and constructive feedbacks. Seeing it "becoming alive" makes me very happy and enthusiastic about our artistic journey and every new painting we are going to paint together.

Blog's technical enhancement

In a year from now I wanted everyone to be able to see how much progress they made and look at all their posts listed and grouped by an artist. This feature is now available in "ARTISTS" catalog listed in the right blog column.

About the composition

Spring is all around us and everything is in full bloom. This pretty tulip was enjoying sunbath in the early morning in my neighbour's garden. Only morning can give such dramatic lights and shadows in the natural settings. The reason I have chosen this photo is it's simplicity, beauty, intriguing overall shape and very dramatic lights and shadows.

Photo has only tulip flower and no background, or to be more precise very dark one, close to black. It is up to you to start being creative and "invent" a background you would be pleased with. Just imagine being commissioned to paint a portrait of an important client and client said "please create a pleasing background".

The deadline for this challenge is the end of Saturday May 22nd.
The next painting challenge will be posted on Sunday May 23rd.


Joanne said...

Beautiful composition. The dark background makes the whole flower pop out. Nice choice.

Sherry Pierce Thurner said...

This is one of the most beautiful tulip photos i have ever seen.