Saturday, May 22, 2010

Heather Ouwehand

Artist: Heather Ouwehand
Medium:Oil on board
Size: 5" x 7"

Artist's blog:


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, your painting is so charming and delightful.

I enjoy art very much but I don't paint - so I will let other artists in the group provide more detailed critiques.

I only know that I get a very pleasing feeling viewing this painting.

Lela Stankovic said...

The softness and glow of the petals and stem are very nicely painted. I have impression that the shadow areas of the tulip are much darker in the real life then in the photo. If they are not, they probably should be.

Another area to pay attention to is the background. It should be dark, to make the tulip stand out but should still communicate "aerial prospective" and depth. You might have done it just the glare of the fresh oil from the camera does not let us see it.

Angela said...

Beautiful painting. The petals certainly portray a softness which you have captured nicely. I do think a little more contrast of light and dark would define it even more. I agree with Lela your background could be a little stronger in color which it looks like it might be and may be just washed out some by the camera glare. Hope to see more of your paintings in the future.

Bonnie Heather said...

Thanks everyone. I agree that my background needs a bit more perspective. I planned on having darker shadows and contrast but I couldn't get the colour right and ran out of time. It was fun. Hope to take part in more challenges.

Byannick said...

Great softness,

suggestion, just a liitle bit more dark at the bottom of the tulip, and in the shadows

Godd idea to make the stem appear from the background.