Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lela Stankovic - Unfinished

Artist: Lela Stankovic

Medium: Oil on linen canvas
Size: 11"x14"

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Lela Stankovic said...

Here is how much I managed to accomplish in 2 weeks (more precisely 2 partial weekends).
Unfinished is the glass (no red from nectarines yet, no highlights, no "real colors" and vertical blind's shadow on the wall and bottom. Since photo was taken under artificial "yellow-orange" light photo has much stronger yellows and washed pale reds in comparison with the real painting. Please feel free to share your opinion and help me to finish this painting.

Byannick said...

I like the yellow light on the table and the shadow in each corner giving a better focus on the glass

- perhaps you can cool a little, (just a little) the nectarine shadows

Good luck for the finish ;)

Lela Stankovic said...

Thank you Byannick. I really appreciate your feedback. I fully agree that there is too much yellow and it needs to be toned down.

How the others handle the issue of working during the night under artificial light bulb, to figure out in the morning (usually before going to work) that colors do not look the same as last night. I heard there are day light bulbs … but haven’t tried any yet. Did anyone have any experience using them or have some other “secret” to share?

Sharon said...

Beautiful soft blending. Very nice painting.

Horst said...

Very well done Lela, to answer your light source question, I use an OTTLITE, bought on Amazon.
I thing your peaches look better than the photo.

Lela Stankovic said...

Yesterday I went and bought Ottlite lamp. What a difference! Horst, THANK YOU so much for this priceless information. Now, I really look forward to my painting sessions and can't stop talking about it to all my friends.