Thursday, May 6, 2010

Horst Hittenberger - Tulip With Mirror

Horst Hittenberger
Medium: Oil on canvas paper
Size: 10.5"x15"

Artist's blog:


Byannick said...

Creative background.

and two tulips on the same painting ;)

I like the tone variations on the wall - More shadow on the left and lighter on the right

Suggestion - a little more variations in the black, you know something appearing in there over the tulip, so we go further in ...

Angela said...

Hi Horst. What a lovely painting. I would never have thought to put the mirror. I love the intricate detail in the glass and the frame adds nice interest to this painting. I do think you need a little more contrast of lights and darks and like Byannick said maybe something in the dark areas of the mirror. However it is certainly a nice painting like it is.

Mark Jarvis said...

I love the canvas with the flowers painted together with the original flower. Very pleasing feeling I get from this painting.

Anonymous said...

Horst, I think this is a wonderful idea for the background - and especially difficult to imagine. The colors and the composition give a calm and relaxed feeling. When I look a the vase I've got the impression that it's standing on the picture frame - a bit strange but funny! And last but not least your tulip looks like a tulip (mine is sort of a mixture between a tulip and a rose).

Lela Stankovic said...

Horst this is very beautiful and imaginative composition. I love the idea of extending the space deep inside by the introduction of a mirror and reflection. It is so creative and inspiring.

The most difficult part is to create it to “look real”. Your painting definitely made me think. The first impression was here is a tulip and its reflection in the mirror. I love it. Then I realized Horst actually painted 2 different tulips, one in front of the mirror, and another one behind the viewer on a shelf in the glass (or that another one is actually a painting of a tulip on the wall behind). Now what I am missing is where is the reflection in the mirror for the first (right tulip) to defend my theory of 2 tulips :). Similar shapes used for both goe against my theory of 2 tulips as well. I am still thinking … :)